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I'm back!

   As you have seen in my recent previous posts, I had lost access to my blog due to...I'm not really sure.  I'm also not really sure how I fixed it, but the good news is I have access back!

  So what have I been doing in the almost three months since I last had a proper entry?  Just moving across the country to go to grad school in Boston.  No big deal.  

  But first I packed in as much quality time as possible with friends and family from home...
The only beautiful thing at Venice Beach, LA.  That place is super seedy!
I'm so metal.

Out to lunch with Grandma

My cousin graduated from high school!

Dad and I doing some backyard astronomy for the eclipse and the transit of venus.

If you look really closely you can see said transit of venus on the right of the right circle.

Crafts with Mum

And I discovered hipster glasses, hair accessories from elementary school, and makeup from middle school while cleaning my room.

Snickers does not appear to know what to do with such a wonderful gift.

   I had another CCSVI surgery because, as I suspected my silly veins collapsed again.  Aside from the memory of this highly unflattering picture, I have been doing great ever since.

Sexy and I know it.
 I also did the whole graduating college thing.  Again, nbd right?

Oh, the comments I got on my socks...

#Peoplewhomadethispossible  Jennifer, my disability resource center contact, mentor, and friend

#Peoplewhomadethispossible Professor O'Bryant my professor and oh so flexible kinesiology department advisor

#Peoplewhomadethispossible Professor Blank my physiology professor who was totally cool with me passing out under lab tables and coming from the hospital to class.

#Peoplewhomadethispossible  My AMAZING grandparents who funded my education and were always my cheerleaders

#Peoplewhomadethispossible My Mum and Dad who were my cheerleaders X1000 and would drive down to SLO zillions of times to rescue me when I was sickly

Obligatory narcissistic graduation pictures.

Almost overdoing it on the obligatory narcissistic graduation photo shoot

Hmmm I wonder why I put the world on my cap...

My favorite building on campus...the biology building.  If you think it looks like a Cold War bunker that's because it totally is.  Not even kidding.

Playing in the sand like a five-year-old after graduation.

And then, of course, there is the whole moving across the country to start grad school in BOSTON!  (Ok, I'm actually in Medford, but close enough.)

My mascot is Jumbo the elephant.  I'm pretty ok with this.

Things are pretty here on campus.

This be my dorm.  Kind of looks more like a city hall.

The ramp to the OT building

Definitely never thought I would be here.  Glad I am.

And the surrounding area isn't too bad either...

there are covered bridges...

And most importantly, DAIRY FARMS!

I flipping love cows!
   Right now I'm two weeks into classes and I LOVE it!  I'm not too fond of 8:00AM classes, but I'll get used to it.  Any time I think I can't do something, I think of SAS and realize that I can do pretty much anything.  Classes are really fun and interesting.  Thanks to a great undergrad education at Cal Poly, I got to skip one class and can be more creative with my schedule due to already taking the prerequisite courses for so many.  This quarter I am taking anatomy, kinesiology, health conditions, clinical reasoning, and occupation and adaptation.  About twenty times a day I have this awesome moment where I realize how lucky I am to be in Boston being trained for an awesome career!
   I thought I would be overwhelmed, but have actually been doing fine.  Again thanks to my undergrad education and my mom grooming me for this since I was born.  Come midterms, I'm sure I'll want to retract that statement, but for now, things are good.  Time to wrap this up an get ready for the OT departments weekend social thing.  :0)  Life is good.


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