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Last Day in China

  After a night of good, oxygen full rest, I felt fantastic for my last day in China.  The extra red blood cells I acquired at high altitude appeared to more than make up for any fatigue from my challenging travels in Tibet.

  I went exploring and shopping with Andrea and Hannah.  We decided to take taxis around instead of taking the subway because the taxis were cheap and the subways didn't go anywhere near where we wanted to go.  I think I was most scared in the taxi than any other place driving.  We were going really fast with lots of near collisions and no seat belts.  I swear one black mercedes had us on a hit list or something.  They kept cutting us off and swerving into us.  Good think the driver knew his stuff!

  We first stopped at the touristy market.  There were lots of fun souvenirs and handicrafts to look at there.  

  Our tummies were rumbling so we stopped at one of the few non-western places to get some food.  I chose the creepiest looking thing on the menu, a whole dead chicken which I described as, "that thing looks like it died horribly."

  Tasted good though!  Not much meat, but other than that, no complaints.  My friends and the food vendors laughed at me, but they don't know that I got my training from Bizarre Foods.

Our second stop was to the bootleg market where I definitely didn't buy anything because that would be wrong.  :0P

Moving ride back to the boat was as exciting as the first.  We had to stop a few blocks before the ship because the meter was rigged and the driver would hike up the price when he thought we were distracted and we ran out of money.  Oh well, it allowed us to walk through the nice spring day.  :0)

Mother-In-Law bush!

Back on the ship we had some burgers, took some pictures at the city at night, and then the roomie and I settled down to watch The Help.  Excellent movie by the way!  It was a nice day and a nice way to leave China.  I will definitely have to be back for some more exploring as soon as possible!


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