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    I'm really glad that the boat leaves from Nassau because it is a really great place to spend a few days exploring.  The downtown area and the area right by the hotels is a bit touristy.  (OK completely touristy).  Luckily, it isn't difficult to find things to do other than shop at outrageously priced jewelry stores and restaurant chains we have at home.

   The first day here was mostly just the evening by the time we were all settled in.  We took a bus downtown and poked around a little bit.  We kind of forgot my wheelchair and then I didn't need it even though we walked for hours.  That was a nice surprise.  We unfortunately had to eat at a chain restaurant because everything else was closed, but we scoped out some places for the next day.  The bus ride home was quite an experience.  When we got on the bus, it was full of locals chatting and laughing on their way home from work.  Then THEY got on.  THEY were a group of middle aged adults that were the very worst in American stereotypes.  They were completely wasted (at 6:30!) and completely loud and rude.  They sat on either side of this poor kid and were being horrible to him.  I was so embarrassed that these people would be lumped in with other tourists who were a lot more responsible and respectful, but I guess there is nothing that can be done.

   The next day was fantastic!  We went to our free dolphin encounter that came with the livingsocial hotel coupon (as did breakfast each day.)  I did one of these when I was little, and remember it being a complete tourist trap.  Even though we went to the same place as before, it was fantastic!  Each person got several opportunities to interact with the dolphin, getting hugs and kisses, dancing, and of course getting splashed.  I was impressed that the place was pretty accesible and well equipped to provide a memorable experience to people with different abilities.  There was a man in a wheelchair in my group and it didn't limit any part of the experience.  After the dolphin encounter, we had some time until the last boat to we did a little exploring around the island.  I actually wish there was more time because there was a lot to see (including baby dolphins!)

    On the way back from the excursion, our cab driver was kind enough to show us a great place to eat.  I skeptically ordered a whole fish which I normally don't like but I was pleasantly surprised.  The fish was amazing and I wish I had a bigger stomach so I could have eaten the whole thing!  Thanks to watching countless episodes of Bizarre Foods with my dad, I was brave enough to sample the eye and part of the head meat.  Just as good as my buddy Andrew said it would be.  :0)

   Today started off a little disappointing with the snorkeling trip we had booked not actually having room for us.  We decided to go to the Ardastra Gardens/Zoo which was a good choice.  There were quite a few interesting animals there and an opportunity to feed tropical birds.  I met another SASer there and we had fun chatting about classes and field programs.
    We grabbed a bite to eat on the way back at a place we knew would be good because it was filled with locals.  I'm pretty sure that I had the best hamburger of my life there actually.  We followed lunch with a few hours on the beach and now I'm out in the lobby of the hotel hoping to find some other SASers to talk to.  (As you can tell from the length of this post, no luck so far.  haha)
I'm really excited to board the boat tomorrow!  It will be bright and early at 8:00am so we will have to leave the hotel at around 6:45 because of traffic.  Eesh!  I'm actually not that nervous anymore.  I think I got all that out of my system before and now just want to get on that boat!

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  1. Oh my gosh Emily that all sounds so amazing! I am also so proud of you for doing all that walking! Way to go! I hope you're having a wonderful time getting to know the boat today. I can't wait for more updates on your travels!



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