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Japan! (Day 1)

   I usually try to look on the bright side, but my first day in Japan can't really be described as anything but horrible.   It was one of those days where things just weren't going to go right.  I guess that happens even when on an epic voyage of fun.

   The problem started when I had to disembark the ship two hours before my field program and then wait around completely bored.  I'm not sure exactly why, but I think it had something to do with people expecting customs to take way longer than it did.  The customs line was a little long, but it only took about twenty minutes.

   Part way through the process, I got that dreaded ripply feeling in my legs which meant an impending weakness/convulsion episode.  I managed to get through the line and to the place where I would meet my group in the port building before I started the full blown shaking.  I think it was particularly bad because I tried so hard to not shake during the customs process.  I was flopping around on the floor, as I tend to do now and then, and the worst part was that I think half the ship saw me.  I couldn't get back on the ship to go lay down because of some customs rule so I had to stay right where everyone was gathering.  Someone was nice enough to get me some sugar filled drink and a few people sat by me to keep me company which was nice.  I am proud that I did a fairly good job of making sure people didn't freak out.  I know the shaking looks way worse than it feels and it does not feel so good.  The sugary drink worked and after an hour and a half I started to be able to relax the twitching in my muscles.  As usual for a shaky time episode, I was completely exhausted after it was over.  I wanted to curl up and sleep, but I had field program I had to go on for a class.  

   Maybe the field program wasn't that bad and I was just in a bad mood.  Maybe.  But I remember it as driving two and a half hours to walk around an inaccessible zen garden that was more gravel than garden.  Not to mention that there was no opportunity to get money or food so I was starving.  Some parts of the place that the field program was was actually pretty, but we didn't spend time in those places.  Instead we all crowded into tiny buildings and were supposed to sit and look at piles of gravel and contemplate art or something.  I was SO not in the mood!  

  Anyway, here are some pictures of the pretty parts we were rushed through.

The only fun part of the trip was stopping at a cherry blossom festival for five minutes on the way back.  Hurried is better than nothing.  The blossoms really were very pretty.  I was glad to get an up close view of them.  

Then it was rushing back to the bus and a long, hungry, and tired drive back to the ship.  The unfortunate endeavor had taken all flipping day.

Luckily, back on the ship, my friends were there to cheer me up.  (After I ate) We broke out  my collection of funny pictures and laughed until I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore.  

I was glad to put that day behind me.  


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