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Belated Hawaii Post (Part 1)

First, welcome people from Reddit.  :0)  I missed you guys.  

I survived the many shaky times and essays and made it to beautiful Hawaii!  When we processed through immigration, the lady smiled and said, "welcome home" when she handed my my passport.  It hadn't really hit me until then that I was going to be back in the U.S.  Strange moment.

We really packed the day full with shopping, snorkeling, and buying junk food brands that we recognized.  haha  First stop was to take a shuttle to downtown to get money, rent snorkeling gear and a taxi to the beach. 

 I did some research and found what turned out to be a pretty cool place to snorkel.  Most of the beach was rocky but there was a little black sand beach where we could easily enter the water.  The snorkeling was way better than I expected!  The water was pretty clear and there was some nice coral and colorful fish.  On my second time out I was shlepping along concentrating on the coral bellow me.  I looked up and was a few inches away from the nose of a giant sea turtle!  I screamed which ended up just sounding like an enthusiastic gurgle because I was under the water.  We watched each other for a while before he wandered off to finish his lunch.  I saw another one that was even bigger on my way back in to shore, but it didn't sneak up on me like the first one did.  


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