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Some Recent Adventures (Part 1)

   And just to confuse you, I'm going to start off with some not so recent adventures since I've gotten a bit behind.  The last bit of summer was some nice time with family and friends.  I had one more narcissistic photo shoot for graduation, but this time I got mom in on the action.

Sadly this was the best picture from that...

Help!  Help!  I'm being oppressed!  

My gorgeous mum!
  My friend Robert and I got to be mad scientist at the Tech Museum   It was the second time in my life I've been out and about when I wasn't the only one in a wheelchair and it was really fun.  All the wheelchair looks X2!  I was happy with how accessible the museum was.  I've been there tons of times, but never really noticed how easy it was to get around and reach all the interactive displays.
Do not mess with this evil genius!  

Just some weekday gene splicing...
 We went to a Giants game for Dad's birthday and took public transit there.  (I'm always slightly afraid of public transit and wheelchair mixing.)  I wasn't feeling well so we finagled getting some accessible seating so that I didn't have to go up stairs.  From now on, I think I just need to do the accessible ticket thing right off the bad since I never know what shape I'll be in on the day of the event.

Then it was road trip time.  We packed up our "camping" gear and headed to a cabin at Lake Tahoe.  Unfortunately there was a humungo traffic jam so we took quite a while to get there.  Dan and I took advantage of the stopped dead traffic to do some road side exploring.   When we finally got to the cabin we had a weekend of fun with the Cousins and nature.

Oh joy.

"I too am a sir.  A very special sir."

Back in the car I had my neck brace on because long car rides make me a bit sore. Dan decided that the logical thing to do was to clip Snickers' leash to the brace and tug on it periodically.  Despite how I look in the picture, I was not amused. 

The best pizza place in THE WORLD.

And we got out of this deadly rapids trip with only a few casualties and one incident of shaky time.


  Then California decided it had had enough of me so it was off to Boston.  The stars aligned for us because we had two flights to get there and got upgraded to first class both times!  I couldn't believe that had never happened before and then it happened twice on the same day!  It was pretty sweet too!  I only took a few billion pictures and talked in a dignified British accent a little...

Dat leg gusta

We were given moist towelettes for some reason...  

Mom seemed to know what she was doing...

I say Theodore, these cashew nuts are splendid!

Cheers.  Old pal.  Cheers indeed.  Yes.  Quite.  

A shrimp cocktail?  Why certainly!  


And some bouquet of wine with legs and golfballs or something (I don't know much about wine...)

I couldn't seem to pull in my pinky finger the whole time I was sitting there...
 And then we were in Boston!  Mom and dad helped me move in and I got right to decorating.  My room turned out to be pretty SASsy.

Excuse me...excuse me...can you LET ME OUT OF HERE?!?!

I made a poster to honor my true love.

My dorm garden.  And they are all still alive!

Doctor Who Postcards lining my heater vent.

My noms section.

The pictures are from my pen pal class and kids from the school in Vietnam I visited.

Flags of every port (except bahamas), Tibetan prayer flags, and the Peace Declaration (in English and Japanese) from Hiroshima.

What I like to call my Emily Cave.


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