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Holidays and Communication

I  hope that everyone had a fantastic Christmas and/or Chanukah and/or Festivus, and/or Kwanzaa.  For me it was a travel themed Chanukah and Christmas (yep, I'm half and half).  I feel much better prepared for the trip with my shiny new travel sized art supplies, Kindle gift card, collapsible water bottle, book light, and new clothes.  Probably most exciting was the sonic screwdriver to get me out of any sticky situations that don't involve wood and the two seasons of Doctor Who from my parents.

This is a sonic screwdriver in case you were wondering.  It's from Doctor Who.  

My pretty purple collapsible water bottle.  Genius for traveling! 

Koi Travel Watercolor set. Also great for traveling.    

     In other news, I found out more about how I will be able to communicate while on the ship.  This link goes over how to send mail as well as time zones I will be in.  I will also have a satellite phone as well (my doctor is letting me borrow his) but that will probably only be used to call doctors in an emergency or my parents.  Even though it's the cheapest option I could find, the rate is still like $1.24 per minute.  (Yikes!)  The best way to communicate for me will probably be via e-mail.  Even though internet use is severely limited, I will have unlimited access to my shipboard e-mail account!  The e-mail address I will be using isn't live yet, but it will be  I would love to hear from you during my trip!


  1. Yeah, that sonic screwdriver is pretty much the Best Thing Ever.

  2. That's fantastic about the free shipboard email! Back in my day we didn't have that, just 50 cents/minute internet. (It's dynahmite from reddit, btw)

  3. Sonic screwdriver = absolutely amazing present! Also, I spent so much time trying to decide on a good water bottle to bring and now that I have one I am definitely going to forget that a get a collapsible one :)


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