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First World Problems


Oh my goodness the stress!  (Hence the 4:45am insomnia post.)  That to-do list of mine just keeps getting longer and yet time until departure keeps getting shorter. 

 Don't get me wrong, I absolutely can't wait for this thing to start, but I wish I had more time to do everything I need to do first!  Just the SAS preparation stuff alone actually isn't that much.  I pretty much just have to send in a few more forms, find home stay gifts, finish up various projects, and start to think about packing.  Not too bad if you don't count the hours I want to spend obsessing about the trip.  However I also have finals this week, holiday shopping, daily life stuff (library, errands, cleaning, etc.) and am spur the moment applying to graduate school.  That's a lot for a girl who is used to being able to do only one thing every day.   Of course everything I just mentioned would be under the category of first world problems.  :0)

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  In other news, I am officially 100% signed up for field programs!  There was definitely a bit of sticker shock once all of the costs were tallied up, but it was actually about two thousand dollars less than I anticipated.  (YAY!) Also, the prices really aren't that bad for each individual trip.  It isn't like a regular cruise where the lowest priced option is several hundred dollars.  Since SAS is a non-profit, the prices are incredibly reasonable, even under $10 sometimes.  (Most day trips are between $40 and $150.)  Traveling independently would probably still be cheaper because you could put together budget transportation and accommodations, but I like the security of traveling with SAS and having everything planned out ahead of time.  

  I saved the best for last in this post.  The current SAS voyage put together this awesome video that entertains as well as gives a tour of the ship.  Definitely worth watching!  I really hope that our voyage does something epic like this.



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