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Finals and Finales

  I wasn't sure how I would do with finals, but things turned out ok.  As they always do.  Global studies was surprisingly really hard, but I had a good enough grade going into it that it turned out ok overall.  The single most worst part of finals week was that there was hours upon hours of banging on pipes.  It started around 8:00 on the Global Studies final day and went for hours and hours that day and the next and the next.  Alyssa and I could not for the life of us figure out what was going on.  There were all these crew members banging on the pipes with chisels, hammers and even crowbars.  Seriously!  We finally figured out that they were chipping off rust.  Which it totally necessary, don't get me wrong, but it negatively affected our sanity.

I took plenty of time to de-stress (and escape the pipe banging) during meal times and other excuses for procrastination.  
The beloved dish disposal station.

My Ship Parents!


 After my last final I hurried to my room to get ready for the Alumni Ball that night.  It was so much fun!  And the food was pretty good in terms of ship food.

Getting ready with the girls.

The family <3

My shrimp cocktail (aka one shrimp cut into five slices so I would be fooled into thinking it was a shrimp cocktail.)

Surprisingly decent soup.

Caesar and water dressing.

And a delicious chicken something for the main course!

 We took some pictures and goofed off in the hours between the noms and the dancing.

Including attempts at artsy photos because there were some crazy orange curtains.

 And then back to attempts at normalness

 Dessert was a beautiful thing!

 Morgan rocking the Who look.

 Dance party on the seventh deck!  I was really happy to hardly have to lit down at all.  I almost blacked out a few times, but not nearly as much as I'm used to.  And no collapsing!

And I IIIIIIIIIII will always loooove yooooooooou!

quack goes the token duck face.  (And Josh photobombs us, as usual.)

 And then something unfortunate happened.  I am told someone in heels jumped and landed on my foot.  I can only inarticulately describe the event as ow.  OW OOOOOOWWWWW!  Then some sobbing (I'm not proud of it) and Courtney saving me by keeping me from freaking out completely.  I've had a lot of crazy injuries and I think this one ranks at the top of the ouch scale.  I couldn't' stop crying and started shaking and was a general mess.  Courtney went to get help and then helped keep me calm in the half hour it took for people to come help me.  Still not sure what that was about.  I don't think the crew person thought I was actually hurt so he wanted me to wait until the end of the dance.  Oh well.  I eventually got a wheelchair and with many whimpers as we went over bumps, I got down to the health center.  I felt horrible later for waking up the whole medical staff, but then I was too busy freaking out because it hurt so much.  It also did not look so pretty.  I had looked at it up at the dance and it was all bloody and swollen through my compression socking.  I made Courtney take a picture of is after they cut the stocking off because I was too afraid to look.  haha  After it was cleaned up a bit it didn't even look all that bad as you can see.

 There was nothing they could do that night because everything hurt too much.  So I just got something for the pain and my friends got be back to my room.  I didn't really sleep that much that night because it hurt every time I moved it, but that's to be expected.  I got an x-ray the next day which was inconclusive but showed it wasn't horribly broken or anything like that.  (I still can't walk on it, but it is a little better after two weeks.)  Enough about my stoopid foot eh?

I felt pretty rotten that day between the lack of sleep and the ouchies so I pretty much stayed in the room.  I had wanted to take pictures and videos of the ship and hang out with my friends, but it was not in the cards.  I did get some pictures though!  :0)  Like of my door.

And Hannah was awesome and helped me finish up the packing I hadn't quite finished.  So as far as things go, the day wasn't a total loss.  Plus, it was totally worth it to have danced all night on a rocking ship in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  Now there's story when people back home ask me what happend to my foot!  :0)


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