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New York Part 2 - Fangirling

   Some of you may know about my slight  obsession with a British TV show called Doctor Who. Well, when I was in NYC, I dragged my parents around Central Park in the freezing cold so I could take pictures where some scenes of the show were filmed.  And I couldn't just do this all calm-like.  No, I went five-year-old style giddy and probably embarrassed my parents by looking like this:

Except I was also holding a sonic screwdriver.

Ok, so here are my pics from a truly fantastic day in the park.
Don't Blink.
Don't even Blink.
 And yes, I gave my parents a lengthy explanation about how the weeping angels were quantum locked and blah blah blah and I used to much jargon that I think they thought I was talking about something I learned in school at first...

Not quite the right rock yet...

Ah, there is the right rock.

So now I must take eleventy-billion pictures...

Including this one of my dad

And the fountain

And when we realized this was also the fountain from Friends, Mom and Dad got a little fangirly too...

Wrong bench but I tried.

The bridge

Oh and this was welded into the floor of the bridge.  I really don't want it to just be a coincidence...

Oh, that was a good day!


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