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Spring Break Part 4 - Washington DC (fun stuff!)

It wasn't all medical stuff and misery in DC.  I got to do some awesome tourist and friend and family visiting stuff too.  Que pictures of adventures...

Subway Gals

Dad photobombing my picture of the capital

Ah, much better!

I have never been to DC when this wasn't under construction...

At the Smithsonian...
Butterfly garden!!!!  

This jerk hitched a ride on my chair

And some more fangirling was had when I saw Global Flipping Mamas being sold at the Smithsonian!

And the cool part was I recognized the products before I saw the label! 

Another thing to remind me of SAS.  I think I need one of these in my dorm room...


Mom orchestrated this pose :0)

Botanical Gardens....

Can you tell they are related or what?!?  (My mom and my cousin) 
 Museum of crime and punishment with ROOMIE (aka Stephanie)...

Hubba hubba

Newseum day...

Dan's politician photo
 Me on either side of the same section of the Berlin Wall...

In Soviet Berlin, we have no smiles.

My first memory!

Asked my brother to get me condiments at lunch.  Does he know a POTSie or what?

We all became enamored by this elevator wall...

DIY sushi for dinner! 

I did other stuff too, like catch up with my friend Chloe and watch quirky movies with my cousin and her cousins.  Good times were had.  :0)


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