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Spring Break Part 3 - Washington DC (Medical Stuff)

  The problem with waiting so long to post is that I kind of forget the exact order of things.  So I think my first day in DC was a doctor appointment day, but I'm really not sure if that is 100% true.  But let's go with it.
   For a more detailed account of the appointments and test and stuff, you can see my caringbridge site. 
  For a basic summary, I had a bunch of really horrendous tests and FINALLY GOT SOME ANSWERS!!!!
  I have some instability at various levels in my spine with flexion and extension.  But then with rotation, my C1 and C2 are way to wibbly wobbly.  I guess during the test I was only one or two degrees away from dislocating my neck under my own muscle power!  Yikes!  So that means several things:
1. I am apparently lucky to still be alive and not a quadriplegic
       The doc explained it that my brainstem and spinal cord is like a banana   And you can only twist a banana so much until you start to have problems.
2. I have to wear a beast of a neck brace anytime I'm moving to prevent a dislocation
3. I am having surgery on May 14th to get my C1 and C2 fused
      They are taking a part of my rib (que Adam and Eve jokes) and using it to stick my C1 and C2 vertebra together.  I will be in the hospital for about three days, laying in bed for about eight days, and then I can fly home from DC to do the rest of recovery.

I was skeptical about the wibbly wobbly neck being the cause of my shaky time, but it's been several weeks of wearing the neck brace and I haven't really had shaky time!  I had a local neurologist appointment last Tuesday and they said my reflexes and strength and stuff look better too!  I'm so flipping excited that I found out what was causing the weakness and that I can control it.  Before, I worried that I would just waste away not knowing what was happening or I would find out that what was causing the weakness was progressive.  Plus, I only need one surgery to fix it.  I may have other fusion surgeries or the tethered cord surgery in my future, but it's not something I have to worry about yet.  :0)

And here is my looking fly in my super sexy neck brace:

I'll have to get a more recent picture up now that I have decorated it with stickers!

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