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0 0 Day!

Yesterday I had the rare opportunity to cross the equator AND the prime meridian at the same time!  For a brief second I was spread out between all four hemispheres.  My friends and I were well prepared for the occasion with noise makers, drums, and whistles for the exciting moment.  Unfortunately I only have video of the experience so no pictures to post.  If I did have pictures you could see the lines drawn across the ocean to show where 0 0 is!  I guess you'll just have to take my word for it.  :0P

I was going to write an entry about classes and ship life in addition to the 00 celebration, but I'm way too tired for that at the moment.  Today was a rough day of my joints being ouchy so I'm also trying to limit my typing activity until things get better in that department.  I'm looking forward to tomorrow because it's my favorite class and I'll hopefully be feeling better.  :0)

Oh, but before I sign off for the night, I do want to share some exciting (for me) news.  I got paired up with another class for the Vicarious Voyage program (the SAS thing where I'm pen pals with a class or group in the states).  And it's a first grade class!  I'm so excited!  Everywhere I've been going, I have taken pictures with this lego doll I brought thinking I'd make a slide show to give to teachers when I got back.  But now I can use the pictures for Vicarious Voyage!  The teacher I'll be working with seems really nice and excited that I want to include her curriculum in my letters.  I also have been sending activities (coloring, drawing, word searches, etc.) and a "Day in the life" series that follows a kid throughout their day in each country.  I'm having so much fun with this!  Here are some pictures I'm sending to the kiddies with my mini travel buddy.

And one of me doing my best to dress as a steryotypical tourist who just went to Africa.  hehe
I have one somewhere of me doing the same thing after Brazil, but I can't find it at the moment...

Good night.  :0)

P.S.  I'm formatting this to be accessible when I send it, but I have no idea if that formatting always stays in tact when the entries are published.  So if there is tiny font size or things look a bit whacky, I apologize and will fix it once I get back home and have access to the internetz again.  Thanks for bearing with me in these technical difficulties.  :0)

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