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Neptune Day!

I woke up today a mere pollywog, and now am going to bed as a...well they never really specified, but now I'm not a pollywog anymore! Today was Neptune Day!

There are traditions going back an unspecified amount of time where sailors who have never crossed the equator (on a ship) before must pay tribute to Neptune and gain is approval to proceed.  We have been hovering near the equator for a while now, but today was our day to ask the mighty Neptune if we may pass.

The ceremony started way too flipping early for a no class day.  At 7:30 a booming voice woke us up over the ship speakers inviting us to be judged by Neptune.  If I had any intention of rolling over and going back to sleep (which believe me, I did) that prospect was dashed by a parade of drums that walked the halls of the ship.  Grumbling good naturedly, my roomie and I ventured to deck six to eat a quick breakfast before heading up to deck 7 for the ceremony.  

(BTW, my roomie is the one on the left.  :0)  They are all going to kill me for posting this muahahaha!)

The ceremony included things like this:

and this:

And in 90's Nickelodeon fashion, this:

Basically we stood in a little pool and had (freezing cold) green slime poured over us then jumped in the pool.  After a short dog-paddle to get the slime off, we got back out of the pool on the other side, kissed a piraƱa on the teeth, kissed Neptune's ring, greeted his wife, and then was knighted by his minion.  Those truly of a brave heart were also invited to shave their heads.  I was not quite that brave, but I did everything else and am now....not a pollywog.  Most importantly I am cleared to pass into the Southern hemisphere!  Yay!  (This is especially important considering there was no alternate ship to board if we did not pass the test.)

After a bit of cleaning up and resting up after all that I joined some people to tan on the top deck.  I actually haven't done this yes (I have no idea why) and it was pretty fun and relaxing.  That is until Neptune thought we looked way to comfortable (and a little bit sunburned) and called upon the clouds to drop copious amounts of water on us.  It was quite comical to be part of a crowd who suddenly leap off the lounge chairs to run under cover.  Most people went to watch a movie, but I decided I hadn't had enough of outside for the day.

I changed into more sporty shoes and hit up the very empty and very wet basketball courts.  There I found myself shooting hoops in a storm as I was crossing the equator.  (And the crew stopped to watch my insanity for a bit.)  Pretty awesome.  The wind was crazy, making it very difficult to successfully make  basket, but that also made it much more exciting.  The rain was the usual tropical kind that can have you soaked to the bone in under 15 seconds.  One of my friends came to join me and we had fun chatting and missing more than making some baskets.  When the wind started to turn the rain into wee little bullets, we decided enough with that and went in to dry off.  

But wait there's more!  After some more rest time (and reading.  Seriously you all need to go out and get The Farseer Trilogy because it is awesome!) and a meeting with a group about a paper it was time to celebrate Hannah's birthday!!!!  A bunch of us all met for dinner and there was much rejoicing.  And cake!

And what would an awesome day be without concluding it with a mini-Doctor Who marathon with friends.  

Happy Birthday Hannah (Banana not Montana)!!!!!!

P.S.  I'm feeling much better.  A bit weak and queasy, but obviously it's not holding me back very much.  As long as I rest for an hour every few hours, I'm recharged and ready for (almost) anything.     :0)  

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  1. Glad to hear you're feeling better! And everything else you're doing is awesome! It's fantabulous that you're able to do this, it sounds like the best thing evar. I've been meaning to send you an update via e-mail but I've been pretty really bluh lately. But I will send it soon!


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