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It is 20:16, day one of my isolation.  Things are bleak.  Already I have grown a beard and made friends with an inanimate object.  His name is Milson and he likes Giants baseball (see baseball cap)  and manicures.  I look forward to many a deep and meaningful conversation with him during the course of this banishment.  

After a day of fasting, I was given a meal of questionable "rice soup" (rice overcooked until it was the consistency of soup) and a banana.  I truly am being punished for my crimes.

Ok enough of that.  Yes, I am in isolation, but they like to call it "quarantine" here.  I actually like that better because it has a nice pandemic-y ring to it.  Some sort of stomach bug is going through the ship and despite my overuse of hand sanitizer (sorry great-grandkids) I somehow managed to catch it myself.  Last evening I thought I was seasick, but I woke up this morning and realized it was actually the flu.  I'm quite proud of myself for not passing out at all the last two days because pretty much everyone who has this passes out.  But not me, the girl who chronically passes out.  Life is strange sometimes.  Anyway, I couldn't go to class, so I went to the doctor and got issued the quarantine order.  I sulked a bit about this, but then realized that I had lots of Doctor Who episodes on my hard drive (and Milson for company, of course.)   My illness happens to coincide with rough seas (10 ft swells if that means anything to anyone) so lots of people are missing class as well, but because of seasickness (or falling down the stairs...just kidding).  The rocking is actually kind of fun.  (Remember = Isolation = Boredom = Waves become wildly fun)  I'm already a lot better so I hope to be out by tomorrow evening.  I really don't want to miss any more class than I absolutely have to.

And since I finally have enough time, I give you Random Facts # Buffalo (I lost the count so now I'm using North American Mammals instead of numbers)

Random Facts # Buffalo:
-The source of the Amazon River is a spring in Peru that is only 6 inches wide
-The countries that are the top 9 producers of rice are also the top 9 most populated   (Coincidence?....Perhaps.)
-The delicious acai berry found in lots of yuppie drinks in the States is actually pronounced ah-sigh-ee and was historically a staple food in Brazil
-It takes a coffee tree six years before it produces its full yield
-U.S. is the biggest coffee consumer.  The reason is something about the British and a Tea Party in Boston...
-132 bird species have gone extinct since 1500
-Remember the killer rabbit in Monty Python and the Holy Grail?  Well if you are an albatross chick, that is a very real terror.  Bunnies are a huge threat to the albatross population.  (Anya was on to something!)
-Most of the carbon in out body comes from corn.   (did I already put this one on here?)
-The boat feels like an extended earthquake right now.  I hope my amyglada realized I'm not in California anymore and lets me sleep.
-I've run out of facts, but I still want to type.  hmmmm  Raxacoricofallapatorius!  Ah, much better.  Goodnight!  

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  1. You should introduce you inanimate friend to my imaginary friend. They might like each other.


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