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The Real World Finds Me

    Despite being in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, the real world has found me.  I woke up to an e-mail this morning that one of the graduate schools I applied to was missing two pieces of my application and is therefore assuming that I canceled my application.  I know I sent both of those things in to them but have no proof as I lost the bulk of my saved e-mails when I was fiddling around with my computer in the first few days of this voyage.  I am not sure whether I should say that I already sent the forms in, or if I should just apologize and send them in again.  With no proof that I already sent them in, I feel like a whiny kid claiming that the error was not mine.  It looks like graduate school is a definite impossibility for next year, and I just hope that this confusion won't reflect badly on me when I apply again next year.  

    In addition to that, my home university thinks that I dropped out for some reason.  I turned in a form ensuring that I would not be dropped from the program when I studied abroad but somehow it was lost after I hand delivered them to the person who processed the forms.    My counselor had told me I didn't even need to complete the form but I did to be on the safe side.  I've sent some worried e-mails to the appropriate office, but they want me to figure things out when I get back in May.  Since I am graduating in June, this is rather discomforting.  (This is the second time in three months that a form I turned in disappeared while being processed.)

   I am so frustrated because there is so little I can do from here.  The frustration doubles because I have no control over people having lost my papers.  It just goes to show there is no escape when one has access to any bit of internet.  Sigh.  

  Word of advice, don't apply to graduate school or petition to graduate and then leave the country.  

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  1. My suggestion: Sent them in again. Tell them it seemed like they were submitted with your application. Tell them you left the country and you have no access to those files. Give them the information you can or ask for them to re-cycle your application for a future period as you complete the missing pieces.


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