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Angered Gods and Midterms

"Age does not diminish the extreme disappointment of having a scoop of ice cream fall from the cone."
- Jim Fiebig

    Our wonderful assistant dean captured the emotion of the entire shipboard community when he added this quote to the beginning of yesterday's Deans Memo (a daily e-mial we get with club information and news.)  Apparently Neptune is a spiteful dillhole and put a huge cyclone right in the way of our trajectory from Cape Town to Mauritius.  What a jerk.  As a result, we had to slow way down to avoid the storm and got very behind schedule.  TWo nights ago over dinner, we heard the heartbreaking news that we would have to skip going to Mauritius.  I kept waiting for them to say "Just kidding" because this seemed more like a cruel joke to throw at us in the middle of midterms.  Turns out it's even worse than that.  We will dock at Mauritius to fuel up and get a good view of what we are missing and won't be able to get off the ship.  This seriously sucks.  If I were less of a person, I would have gone back to my room and cried.  Oh wait, that is exactly what I did.  I tried really hard to be an easygoing traveler, but with all the stress of midterms, I couldn't find it in me to stoically take this disappointment.

   It's been a couple of days since that sad announcement, and I'm still really bummed.  I had planned to go to a big cat breeding center where I would get to roam around in the enclosure and pet the cheetahs, lions, and tigers with only a tooth-marked stick to fend off any angry kitties.  Big fun.  But something I will have to do another time unfortunately.  I thought I would handle the disappointment better than others since I had five years of many huge disappointments from being sick.  Nope, I am definitely the one wining the most about this.  Guess I still have a ways to go before I am self-actualized or whatever.  haha

  On the bright side, midterms are going well and are almost done!  I have been getting tests and papers back with good grades which takes a lot of the stress away.  I don't really know what I'll do myself in the seven more days on the boat once I don't have all the studying to do.  I'm thinking we will go for the record length Doctor Who marathon.  :0)  And maybe go through a few more pages in that coloring book I made.

  Despite the apparent cyclone, the weather hasn't been all that bad.  It's been too windy to get onto the front and side decks and the seas are rough, but not a lot of rain or lightning or anything.  Overall, I don't get very seasick during the morning, but the afternoons sometimes get me if I have a class at the front of the ship where it's very rocky.  I
ve had to leave my anthro class twice now due to the seasickness activating the dysautonomia in a big way.  All of the professors are really understanding about having to leave class due to seasickness though.  

Speaking of seasickness, I'm in a stuffy room at the front of the ship and therefore have no attention span to write anymore.  :0)  Later gators.     


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