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Vietnam (Day 4) Part 2

After the market it was on to the Delta.  We boarded the big boat for a relaxing half hour heading up the river.

Our first stop was to a coconut craft workshop and museum.  I was amazed at the things that they made out of coconut shells!  

Then it was a bit of a walk through the jungle to a snack of delicious fruit.  Going clockwise from the 12 o'clock position, the fruits were called dragon's eye fruit, king fruit, pineapple, dragon fruit, and watermelon.  The king fruit was really interesting.  It tasted like a whole fruit smoothie in one bite.  I swore I could easily pick out pineapple, mango, and bananas flavors.  

The dragon fruit was mellony and mushy with lots of tiny seeds.

The dragon's eye fruit looked more like a nut than a fruit.  But once I bit into it, I found the gelatinous slightly sweet fruit part.  Can you see why it is called Dragon's eye fruit?  

As we were finishing up the fruit and tea, one of the ladies who worked at the restaurant sand a fold song for us.  

I also made friends with some puppies.  :0)

Then we had another bit of a walk through the jungle to our next mode of transportation.  I took my time even though I was feeling pretty ok to stay with someone who had a hurt ankle and to take pictures. 

Our next mode of transportation was a horse and cart!  It was a bumpy, exciting ride.  I had to hang on for dear life to not be shaken out of the cart.  After we got to the next place, I had some time to pet the horse too.  :0)

We passed by many shops and booths on the way to our little boats that would take us further into the delta canals.   One of the souvenir booths has some exceptionally creepy items for sale.


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