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Vietnam (Day 4) Part 1

Note:  Viewer Discretion Advised due to graphic meat pictures at the market.  

 Today was Mekong Delta day!  I was really lucky to get on the trip since I hadn't bought at ticket.  I had originally reserved the day for some market shopping, but I decided shopping shouldn't really be my priority when there was so much else to do.

   After about an hour bus ride through beautiful rice fields, we arrived at our first stop, a busy market.  We walked through it so fast I didn't really have any time to get any of the dodgy looking food, but I was able to quickly buy these strange things.  I had no clue what they were, but they ended up being quite good.  I unwrapped the leaf and found sticky rice, red beans, coconut, and dragon fruit pressed together in an interesting kind of snack bar.  I have to say I prefer it to powerbars.  I almost didn't pay enough for the snack because I couldn't understand the lady I bought it from.  I am still confused actually.  I gave her a dollar and she tried to give me change and I said not to worry about it and got back on the bus.  Then my guide comes up to me and says the lady wants another dollar.  Oops!  So I gave him the dollar to give to her of course.  I felt really bad that I almost underpaid for the snack!

There was SO much to see at the market!  I wish I had eyes on the back and sides of my head too.  (While I'm wishing for extra body parts, an extra arm would be nice when I am braiding my hair.)  

Honeycomb!  I was very excited to see this because I had taken a beekeeping class in college and had learned about these tiny kind of bees.  

Many houses in Vietnam have these dog statues outside of their house to chase off bad spirits from their property.

A dog so ugly it is cute.


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