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Getting There

   I made it to the beautiful Bahamas!  It was quite a trip, but not nearly as bad as for some other people coming from California.  For some reason there aren't any flights directly to the Bahamas and the layovers I've been hearing about are crazy.  (9 hours in the middle of the night!)  I opted to have the trip take two days so we flew to North Carolina on Sunday, spent the night there, and then flew to Nassau on Monday.  Everything went really smoothly and I held up well even with the lack of sleep.   The most difficult thing was figuring out how to transport all of our luggage plus a wheelchair.   There were lots of other SASers traveling on my plane and it was quite a comedy to see us all struggling with a semester's worth of oversized luggage!
   I have been very much enjoying the Bahamas so far, but more on that later.  I'm off to go explore the nearby gardens and conservation center.  :0)


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