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Taxi To Position and Hold

I swear the excitement over this trip is making me slightly bipolar.  I'm wildly excited most of the time, but then I also will freak out or get upset over silly things.  (Sorry family!)  I'm just not used to the huge range of emotions that is involved before this trip.  It is almost like I'm going off to college all over again because everything will be so new.  I have that same anxious feeling of just wanting it to begin already.  Luckily, the positive emotions are winning most of the time.  :0)

I am finally 100% ready to go in terms of paperwork which is a huge relief.  I guess the doctor who is going on the ship read my medical history and was really worried about me going.  I talked to him on the phone and eased his fears, but he said that the paperwork still needed to go through a few people before I was cleared to go on the trip.  (He is a wonderfully nice guy by the way.)  I was not worried about having my acceptance revoked, but I guess my parents were.  I didn't really think about it much because that option was too horrible to contemplate.  Luckily, as of yesterday, I must have passed the final steps because every entry on my status page has a beautiful green "OK - Received" next to it.  As my dad said, I can now taxi into position and hold.  

The last big headache is getting enough meddies to last me the whole trip.  The local pharmacy, mail order pharmacy, and my insurance company can't seem to agree on how I should go about doing this.  My poor mom and doctor have spent hours already trying to figure this out and I am still med-less.  I'm sure I will have everything by the time I leave (yay optimism!) but we are cutting it close.  Moral of the story here being to start the process way ahead of time if you need to order extra medication for extended travel.

9 Days!!!!!


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