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Wise Words from Mom

  I can't believe I'm leaving on Sunday!  I luckily have turned the corner from nervous to excited so I've been having some really pleasant last few days at home.  

   I was talking to my mom yesterday as we were finishing up shopping for the trip and she said something I wanted to share.  I told her that it feels strange that people keep telling me that this trip is going to change me.  It feels like I'm about to cross a stream but I don't know who I will be on the other side.  It's a little scary.  She smiled and said that it's not that the trip will change me, it is going to add to who I am.  She explained that I am not going to come back as a different person.  I'm going to come back as the same person with all these new experiences, ideas, and wisdom.  I thought back to other things in my life that were supposed to "change" me and I realized she is exactly right.  I've always been the same person, I just have more experience under my belt.  Thanks mom.  :0)  


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