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Goodbyes and Hellos

Note: I'm trying something new and posting via e-mail just in case it turns out all wonky.  

I just had to say goodbye to my brother this morning because he is heading back to school.  It was really hard because we are best friends and this is going to be the longest we have gone without seeing each other.  Good thing I was really cool when the time came and didn't steal an armful of his stuff from his car and run down the street in my PJs so he wouldn't be able to go.  And it's a really good thing I didn't cry when he got his stuff back and had to leave.  Oh wait, that is exactly what I did...

This is how we roll.

Yesterday was the Bon Voyage Party in Oakland where I met a few people who will be on the voyage with me as well as some alumni and SAS staff.  I actually knew most of the information they went over since I have been doing a lot of research on the SAS website, alumni blogs, and the facebook group, but I'm still really glad I went.  It helped make this trip seem real and it was nice to actually meet people.  Everyone seemed really nice and I can't wait to meet my other fellow sailors soon!  

Today I start packing!  Expect a packing post soon! 

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  1. Emily, hii! It's Nicole from back in the HSB days. I just stumbled across your blog today and I am SO SUPER EXTRAORDINARILY excited for you!! What an amazing adventure ahead, and especially after all you've been through, you deserve to do something totally fun and life-changing. (By the way I am completely jealous and reading your blog makes me wish I could do a trip like this, too.) Good luck with the last days of packing and preparing... can't wait to see more!


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