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Movies and Music

As I mentioned before I'm trying to cope with time passing slowly (and in order) by watching lots of relevant movies and making a travel playlist.

I'll start with the playlist.  Most of the songs are travel themed, but some are just awesome songs or songs that have special travel related meaning that only my brain would understand.  :0)  It's still a work in progress and I would love suggestions!  

And now for the movies I've been watching:

Highly recommended!  This was fantastically done with interviews and reenactments.  

Well done and interesting although I think I would only recommend it to people who like documentaries as it is not inherently entertaining.  

Excellent!  Gave a wonderful picture of Brazil including the places I will be going.

Also excellent!  I highly recommend this whole series. 

I heard not so good things about this movie, but I loved it!  It made me feel very small, which I enjoyed.

I've watched two of the six episodes (including the one on Tibet) and I really like this series.  However, it's another one I would only recommend to the seasoned documentary viewer.  
Saw this recommended on a travel blog, but didn't really enjoy it.
Haha!  Well we are going to be sailing on the 100th anniversary of the Titanic's sinking...
My Dad and I have tacked most of this show, including the places I will be going.  It's gotten my really pumped up to try new things!  

I'm just starting this show, but I think I've watched the episodes featuring most of the places I'm going.    
I watched this years ago and loved it!  I'm going to watch it again before I go.
This is definitely one of my all time favorite movies!

And up next in my queue....

 If you have any other ideas, drop me a comment!  :0)

10 Days!!!!

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  1. Hi! I'm going on SAS spring 2012 too and I guess I had the same idea because I've already seen most of those movies. I've been a Bollywood fan in particular for a couple of years so if you want to watch anything more about India here are my recommendations:

    Jab We Met
    3 Idiots (way better and more meaningful than it sounds)
    Taare Zameen Par
    Chup Chup Ke
    Singh is King
    Taxi No. 9211
    Chance Pe Dance
    Peepli Live
    Road, Movie(these last two are kind of slow but a good look into rural/poverty in India)

    I just realized there's actually a lot more but these are just the first I thought of. You can get them all on netflix except for Taare Zameen Par, and most of them I think on Amazon Instant Video for a couple of dollars.


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