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Happy Easter/Passover!

I believe it may still be Easter/Passover for some of you back in the states.  At least I hope I'm not late in this entry.

Happy Easter and Passover everyone!

Not too surprisingly, it was a bit of a rough day for my friends and I with the homesickness.  I really acutely missed my Great Aunt because this is the first Easter without her.  I went to the first Passover seder since my Grandpa passed away ten years ago and that made me miss him a lot too.  And while I was missing people, I just decided to go ahead and miss all of my friends and family at home too.  

I did have little happy things that reminded me that this wasn't just another day on the ship.  My ship parents dropped off a little easter basket (with a cream egg!) and I got to open the Easter package from my parents.  :0)

I went to the Passover seder in the evening and it wasn't as cool as I thought it would be.  The whole time I felt like an outsider and kept wishing I was back at my Grandparent's old house like the last time we celebrated.  Plus, so many of the people there were really disrespectful.  They talked and played with their phones through the whole thing because they were just there for the food.  On the bright side, the food was pretty good.  It felt homey to have some matzo, matzo ball soup, and latkes.  :0)  Also on the bright side I found out I was allergic to parsley!  No worries, a benedryl took care of the hives and tongue swelling no problem.  I had been trying to figure out why I get hives after eating certain dishes for forever.  Turns out all those things have parsley in them.  Mystery solved.  

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  1. I just got done catching up on all of your China and Tibet posts. I am amazed and rather flabbergasted that you're able to do so much. I'm so glad that you get to do this, and it's great to see that you're having such a ball. I'll be here when you get back :)


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