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Japan Day 3 (Part 2)

 I was bummed to be going back but also kind of excited to rest.  BUT THEN...Hannah and Courtney were heading out as I was coming in so I decided to join them.  I was so excited to hear that they were planning on going to the baseball game that night because I had really wanted to go.  

   My first order of business was to take full advantage of the huge hill I had just climbed up on the way to the port.  :0)

Next we went back to the street fair by the stadium for some photo ops and checking out the booths.  

That's my "I just spotted a cotton candy booth" face.

It seemed to be kind of like an Earth Day event I had gone to in DC a few years ago.  There was lots of information about recycling, safe water, tree planting, etc.  And there were some beautiful plants for sale.  I so wish I could have bought some, but they are not allowed on the ship.  Our favorite booth was the super science hippo one.  Or that's at least what we called it having no ability to read any of the posters that were up.  I think it mainly had to do with water sanitation.  Anyway, I looked at some dodgy critters under a microscope which made me nostalgic for biology lab.  I also had fun talking to a guy who loved science and travel.  Hannah and Courtney had to convince me that we would have a hard time being soul mates since we didn't really speak the same language.  Sigh.  :0P

   There was a science/craft project at the booth as well which somehow involved milk cartons and a story about water sanitation.  We weren't going to make one, but the people working the booth (including my would be soul mate) were so excited to show us how to make them, that we were roped in.  It was really fun trying and failing and then trying and succeeding to make our own.  Especially because the volunteers were giving us the directions in Japanese and we were asking them questions in English.  haha  I have discovered that even when you know the other person can't understand you, you still jabber away for some reason.  

  We finally finished our masterpieces and the volunteers took some photos of us and then explained in bits of English what the sanitation story was.  I filled in the gaps with my own parts of the story when I showed my roomie back on the ship.  (My parts mostly had to do with aliens and space salt.)  We also got to keep our own little super science hippos because of our enthusiasm.  So much fun to hang out with other science nerds!


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