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Japan! (Day 2 Part 2)

  I was so immersed in the museum that I completely missed the meeting time for my group.  I had a few minutes of panic as I searched for them in the huge peace garden, but finally caught up.  I could then relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery and memorials.

  I found the paper crane memorial and had a beautiful moment placing my two chains of sewed cranes amongst the thousands of brightly colored wishes for peace.  

Then there was a bit more hurrying to get to my group who had somehow gotten ahead of me again.  On my way there, I came across a large, important looking party.  There were lots of men in secret service style suits and sunglasses, photographers, and smartly dressed women holding umbrellas for someone who must have been very important.  I came to an intersection in the path right after they did and I was fascinated/embarrassed that they stopped the whole party to make way for me to get to the other side of the path!  I smiled apologetically at the women in the middle of the pile of people and moved quickly away from all the commotion.  I found out later that there was speculation that it had been the PM of Cambodia's wife.  But speculation isn't exactly reliable.  

I took some last minute pictures of the beautiful area and then we rushed to the train station to catch our BULLET TRAIN!

This building was the only one left standing this close to where the bomb went off.  It is now preserved as a symbol of hope and peace.

I have to give total kudos to our guide who managed to get all sixty of us on the bullet train after a mad dash through the station and leaping through the doors as they were ready to close.  The experience was not good for my subway anxiety.  (See strange fears discussed in past blogs.)  I managed to find my seat and get settled before the train took off.  (Yep, like a rocket.  It's that fast.)   I think we got up to around 200 miles per hour!  It took less than 90 minutes to travel what it had taken us 5 hours to travel in a bus!  I believe that is the fastest I have ever gone on land in my life.  :0)

We arrived at our stop before I even fully settled in.  It was a great way to travel.  I hope California can get us one of those from NorCal to SoCal!  

Now I'm back on the ship waiting for Andrea to come over for a sleep over!  (Our roomies are out on multi-day trips.)  We very much intend on doing things right with lots of junk food eating, movie watching, and possibly some pedicures.  :0)  

Oh and also:  I found this sign on the ship today.  Are you my mummy?


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