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Tibet (Day 3 Part 3)

  As we got further down the mountain, we started seeing more aspects of daily life in the villages.  The ladders that were painted on the rocks are part of a ceremony that had recently occurred where Buddha was supposed to climb down the ladders to visit the people on earth.  I thought that was neat.

We also saw some yacks being used for purposes other than tourist photos.

The bus stopped at one of the villages and we had the opportunity to visit one of the houses. 

 I was distracted by the animals outside for a lot of the time.  Cows!

There was an old woman in the house, but unfortunately we couldn't talk to her.  Anytime we tried to ask her questions through our guide's translation they would answer for her without asking her the question.  So for example one girl asked, "Is your life better or worse now," referring to the government funding (or forcing) the village to move from the mountains to where it was now.  The guide just said the old women was old and crazy and that her life is much better now.  That was pretty frustrating and disconcerting.  We were definitely getting a hand-picked view of Tibet.  I wonder to what extend what I saw represents what living there is really like. 

The house was as beautifully decorated with the bright colors on the inside as on the outside.  I took some pictures of the kitchen an living area once I realized I wouldn't actually get to talk to the woman who lived there.

I think we were getting too nosey because we were rushed back onto the bus.  I did have the opportunity to briefly meet this boy and his grandmother.  The poor kid looked really scared of all of us strange looking people and I didn't blame him.

There was some more great scenery to look at as we drove on to a late lunch.


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