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Lhasa Fun in Tibet! (Day 2 Part 2)

AFter a little rest when I got to skype my parents, we were back adventuring.

We drove the few blocks to the Palace where the Dali Lama used to live.  It was another place I have seen in so many pictures and movies and now I was there!  Our guide put it as, "You have seen this in the movies and in the pictures, but those were just dreams.  Today, dreams come true."  :0)

I unfortunately wasn't able to go up in the palace because there were 500 steps between me and the top.  I was barely able to sit so hiking up steps wasn't an option. 


 I got some pictures from the courtyard before heading back to the bus to lay down and wait for the group to get back.  I had my kindle with me to keep me company.  

I also had some time to watch the pilgrims as they circled the Palace.  It is tradition to walk around the sacred space at least once before entering.  Our guide said that most people in Lhasa do it twice every day!  There were many people from all over Tibet as well.  Sometimes it would take them over two years to get here because they prayed the whole way.  The praying was accompanied by spinning the prayer wheels, clapping blocks together, and bowing toward the sacred object.  I can't imagine doing that for hundreds of miles!  The devotion the pilgrims showed was very humbling.  I can't think of anything I would be so committed to in my life.  

Lunch was much the same as the other meals had been.  Good but not great.

  I snapped a picture of this phrase painted on the window because I think it is so true.  

On the way to the bathroom, I saw this sign and took a pic of that too.  I was so fed up with rules at that point that I looked around, saw no one was looking and toughed the door.  Boo-yaa!  Fight the power!

AFter lunch we stopped at a temple for a tour.  

I wish I could have taken photos inside because it was amazing!  I have never seen any room so beautifully decorated!  There were quite a few golden Buddha statues including what many consider the most important one.  There are three main categories of Buddhas that all other kinds fit into; the past, present, and future.  I believe we saw the present compassionate Buddha.  I couldn't bring my wheelchair inside, so I crawled on the ground around the temple.  I really hope that it wasn't disrespectful.  I got many strange looks, but no one said anything.  I couldn't hear what the guide was saying from my spot on the ground, so my mind wandered and it was very peaceful.  I had plenty of time to absorb myself with taking in the many details and the spiritual feeling of the place.  One thing I did stand up for was a grapefruit sized hole in a rock that was jutting out from the wall.  Supposedly there was un underground lake and if you put your ear to the hole, you could hear the ducks flapping their wings.  I don't know about ducks, but there was something down there.  EVeryone in the group who put their head next to the hole to listen got an instant intense headache.  Maybe a gas leak?  

Outside the temple was a bazaar which is a type of market.  We had about an hour to shop before we had to meet back with the group.  I think I would have needed ten hours to see everything!  I only got to the second row before I had to rush back!  The people selling things were SO nice!  Pushy, as is common in markets, but really nice.  Two women appreciated me paying close to the original quoted price for a few items and gave me extra charms or bracelets as gifts.  :0)  I really enjoyed talking with them in addition to looking at the beautiful handicrafts.  I found something really cool for my brother at the second to last booth which I unfortunately won't describe at this time because I don't want to ruin the surprise.  

Then it was just dinner and resting for the rest of the day.  I discovered a humidifier in my room which also helped the breathing issue at least while I was in the room.  :0)


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