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How 'bout them Giants? (Aka Japan Day 3, Part 3)

All this and it was only 3:00 in the afternoon.  We got in line for tickets early (they start being sold at 3:30) to make sure we would get good seats.  And oh yes we got good seats.  But more on that later.  

    Then it was back to the dollar store so they could get some origami paper and to the ship to drop off our awesome science stuff.  We also changed into our baseball outfits we had bought and I broke out the face paint.  Finding a place to eat dinner was a challenge.  The places nearby had personal pizzas for $20 and the prices went up from there.  We found a tiny, French-ish style cafe with only $15 hamburgers so we ate there.  I ordered a hot dog and despite it's dodgy look, it was quite good.  Plus, there was a cat in the cafe.  So it was a good choice.

    Theeeeeeeen GAME TIME!  We knew our seats were good when we bought them, but we found out they were AMAZING once we got to the stadium.  I believe we were in the fifth row right near first base!  I don't think I have ever been that close outside of a Spring Training game!   It was so fun to be at such a familiar type of event in such a different setting.  I tried to note all the differences like how there were cheerleaders and bands at the games in Japan, they play for 10 innings (I think), and there are no garlic fries (sad face.)  One thing that was the same was that the Giants were playing!  (As the visiting team)  Same colors and everything!  And like their World Series Champ sister team in the States, they skunked the competition!  Hannah and Courtney were making fun of me because I cheered whenever either team got a hit or made a play.  

    I think it was around the third inning when it started raining, but it didn't really appear to be a problem.  It was warm enough that we were content to get completely soaking wet and still enjoy the game.  I got bored and started reading though...

Just kidding.  (That is a joke with my family so I just took the picture and then went back to game watching.)  We also had a really good conversation about spirituality and life changing experiences and philosophy and stuff.  Because of course that's what you do at a baseball game in Japan in the pouring rain.  

It was a very exciting evening that we ended with a hot chocolate party back on the ship.  :0)  I was a little giddy about being up past my usual sleep time and thought I would show them how street I am.  


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